If you would like to play a show with Intimate Gigs, there are a few things you should know first.

Intimate Gigs is a not for profit organisation set up to bring and promote music mainly in the North Lanarkshire area of Scotland. We are staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers who love music, comedy and the arts in general.

We prefer to deal directly with artists themselves but are happy to talk to agents who have their clients and our best interest at heart and not making it about the commission they can make.

Our main venue is Berits & Brown which is located between Glasgow & Edinburgh, just off the M8 at Eurocentral. It is a short drive from Coatbridge, Airdrie, Motherwell, Hamilton and East Kilbride. We also work closely with CultureNL and do shows at Airdrie Town Hall and Motherwell Concert Hall.

We only offer guarantees to acts that we have previously worked with and know we can attract an audience for. In most cases we work on a door split basis. We obviously incur costs in putting on shows and as we receive no sponsorship or bar revenue, we survive purely on ticket sales.

Here are a few things you should know…
1. WE DO NOT DO RIDERS, BUY OUTS OR ANY OTHER FREE STUFF however we will wherever possible try to provide a hot meal and a drink for the ARTIST.
2. We work very closely with the charity Spirit Aid who work with children in poverty and the homeless. We realise that it is part of the culture in the entertainment world that a rider is expected and we respect that but we see daily people in real need so we have made this decision that we would rather feed, cloth and keep these people healthy than provide riders to someone who is being paid already. We respect that this may mean you wont want to play a show with us and we are fine with that and respect any artist or agent that does not wish to deal with us because of this.
3. We use our own support acts at our shows. If you want to bring your own, then we will try to accomodate them at your expense.
4. We don’t do guest lists. Our ticket prices are cheap enough that any of your guests can buy a ticket or you can buy it for them.
5. Don’t moan when you can’t get served drinks after hours. It is the law and venues are protecting their licences so please don’t put their livelyhoods at risk.
6. As promoters, we feel that we do a very, very good job and just as you deserve to be paid fairly for what you do, so do we. But we don’t, so please bear this in mind and treat our volunteers/staff with the same respect that we will show you.

If we haven’t scared you off, then drop us a message and let’s see if we can do something together.